Healthy Habits for Developer

Some of my developer friends here in my neighborhood are dealing with some health issues. Obesity, underweight, high blood pressure, bad eating habits etc. Some of them go to the gym but doesn’t improve their health because of their habits when working 12 hours debugging or designing a page. Here are some healthy habits that are more easy to do when you are a web developer – and this can also benefit other office job workers.

1. Minimize sugar intake

Yes, too much sugar is bad and it is almost in any foods we eat. High blood sugar makes you more thirsty, tired and makes your vision blurry. Did you experience sleepy when coding after just having lunch at noon? Yes, it is caused by too much glucose in your blood. Sugar has caused a public crisis, and it can be classified as a drug component. It’s not bad to have the sweetness on your food, but too much of anything is bad. You should consider minimizing intake of sugar in your healthy habits.

2. Drink water

There are many books and articles that say hydrate with water. It helps you energize, improve skin moisture, and also can help you lose weight. I heard someone says, when you think you are hungry, it doesn’t mean you need to eat but your body is just asking for water.

I am a soda drinker during my first years in coding. But when I learned about the information regarding sugar, I started to refrain drinking soda and replaced it with water. In just 2 days replacing soda with water, my mind is very clear, I’m not experiencing sleepiness and made me productive. It leads me to better performance in my job and it is crazy how drinking water affects my daily life.

3. Enough sleep

Sleeping is very important for a person who uses their brains on their jobs. Also, sleeping decrease possibilities of acquiring heart attack, heart disease, diabetes. It makes your mind clear and more productive. Studies also show that sleeping can somehow lessen your tendency to eat more and to have a bigger appetite.

7 or 8 hours? Whatever it is, just have enough sleep.

4. Exercise

I know this habit is very hard to acquire, but this healthy habit is very essential for a developer. Start with something that you can do and your body can take. Try to jog for 10 minutes at first in the park. If you feel that its hard for you to jog, try to walk at first. The important thing is you need to sweat and burn some excess calories on your body. This will get you lighter, develop muscles, and improve your cardiovascular health that benefits your endurance.

5. Eat slow

25 minutes is what it takes for your brain send sensation that you are hungry. So you do not need to eat quickly and jump on a food like you are a predator to its prey. Make sure you slowly chew your food. This will lead you to good digestion and eat the right amount of food. Eating fast makes you eat more, and eating more than you need will lead you to be obese in time and you will not appreciate your meal. A healthy developer must be aware if he needs to eat and when to eat.

6. Stop eating in your workplace

Reading blog posts, watching tutorials or browsing your emails while eating is the worst habit. If you are hungry, stand up, walk outside on your lunch break. Reconnect with your roommates, family and have lunch with them. Get some conversation with your family and loved ones. You might discover something interesting and there are more interesting things outside your workplace.

7. Proper sitting

We spend too much sitting because we are in a world of coding. We developers tend to slouch if we are in focus mode. Make your screen adjusted on eye level, sit straight, have a good computer chair. Too much sitting on work strains your back. You can stand from time to time and stretch your back to lessen the strain. You will see the difference in your health and posture when you do this regularly.

8. Take short breaks

This is one of these healthy habits I like. Do stretching, blink your eyes 20 times and look away from your monitor, walk around a bit, and have a breather. Long time sitting on your workstation has an impact on your mind and body without you noticing it. Having breaks also let you think on different aspects of the problem and you can come up to a possible solution.

9. Turn down any screens after work.

I know this is a hard habit to break, but this helps your brains and eyes rest for the whole day looking at the bright light of your desktop screen or your mobile phone. Also, stop any work-related things in any form when its bedtime. Add this to your healthy habits and it will make you improve your thinking and eyesight.

10. Family time

This is one of the important things. I don’t bring my work when I am with my family. I set aside things about work and this benefits my health. Give yourself a credit for relaxation and also your family by giving your time for them. Having a good family conversation not only makes you relax but also creates an intact relationship.

Some experts says that it takes days to form a habit, but if these healthy habits will make me live longer and make me a better developer, I’ll start slowly. Just like climbing a hill, you will have hardships, but the view is worth it. For more read, check my blog posts.


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